30 06 2008

In response to popular demand, I am posting a bunch a pictures. I hope you enjoy them.

Mohammad (Magnoon) & Milushka with a baby goat.

Oud and drum players performing traditional Arab music at a hotel in Sana’a.

Celest among the ruins of the Zoroastrian “Temple of Silence” in Aden.

Lauren, Milushka and I eating terrible ice cream. (They were not the favors we thought they were, and the texture as weird.) We’ve learned to avoid Yemeni ice cream.

Sitting by the Great Mosque in the evening (Old City, Sana’a).

Terraced farm land around a small village in the mountains east of Sana’a.

Milushka riding a camel in Tahrir Square.

Milushka on the roof of our building.

The mountains around Sana’a remind me a lot some of the mountains in Utah.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh Mosque

Lauren’s henna hands.  (This is apparently the old woman style of henna rather than the decorative drawings I’m more familiar with.)




One response

2 07 2008

Very interesting. Thanks for posting them. What was the reason for the henna hands and how did they do it? It looks like she grabbed a paint covered post.

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