“Bring Your Own Fish” Restaurant

23 06 2008

Last night I went with Milushka and Lauren for dinner. We went to the fresh fish market and picked a fish and some shrimp. Then we took them next door to a restaurant that is “bring your own fish.” They sliced the fish in half and cooked it in a BBQ-like oven. The shrimp they pealed, cut up and cooked them in a tomato sauce with peppers and other vegetables. Both were really good! It’s an experience to bring you own raw ingredients to restaurant. We ate both the fish and shrimp with the big (like large pizza-size or slightly bigger) bread called rashoosh that we all really like. The restaurant also served the fish with two kinds of sauces: a green one that was spicier than I liked and a pink one that I really liked.

Fish Market

The Fish Market

Shrimp, etc.

Milushka is excited to eat shrimp!


Grilled fish.




2 responses

24 06 2008

Bring your own fish? That’s pretty cool, what kind of fish did you get, it’s hard to tell from the picture? Looks like you’re enjoying yourself more now though, and that’s good. If you could price out a couple of the knives for me, the big one and the smaller ones you talked about and I can give mom the money to wire it out to you. Also, take loads of pictures of the old city and the souq. The small ones here are cool, but not nearly enough.

24 06 2008

Looks and sounds fishy to me.

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