About being in Sana’a

11 06 2008

View from my window

Sana’a is, at least at times and in places, straight out of the Arabian Nights. I love the souq that sprawls through the narrow winding streets all around the school. It’s been there for thousands of years and is more for the locals than a tourist attractions–though there’s a fair number of tourist shops–so every kind of household goods–shoes, tools, rope, everything has a group of specialized shops. The spice section is 100% how you imagine the Middle East. It hasn’t changed in hundreds of years. This is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and the city didn’t expand beyond the original “old city” until the 1960s. Living in the old city as I do feels like I’ve gone back in time a few hundred years sometime, with all the modern amenities of electricity and laptop computers with wireless internet.

View of the old city from my window

Old Sana’a as seen from one of my bedroom windows.




One response

12 06 2008

It is great to read about your experiences. The pictures are nice to see. Are the buildings in the new or old section of Sana”a? They are beautiful. I enlarged 2 of them and could see the clothes hanging to dry on the roof of a couple of buildings. The hills/mountains look a lot like those in Carbon Co. where I grew up.
I wondered what the souq that runs through the streets is?
Take care of yourself.
Love, Grandma

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